La Dolce Vita Wine Bar of Venice FL


Welcome to La Dolce Vita Wine Bar

Events This Week

This week should be a blast at LDV

Monday is Harry’s regular night. From 7-9
Tuesday is Tom Devine’s famous wine tasting. Bring a favorite dish to share. 4 wines and Tom’s great talks about wine and gossip about the wineries owners-only $12.00 per person. Call ahead or reply to this email to reserve your seat! 7-9 pm
Wednesday is Bluesman Tom Kraemer 7-9 pm
*******************Extra, Extra**************************
Thursday David Murabito rocks LDV 7-9 pm. This will be David’s last Thursday gig at LDV, since Sam comes back next week! Stop and and let David know how much we’ve appreciated his entertaining us all summer!  There’s a rumor that a certain on-season entertainer and friend of David’s, (cough, cough, Sam, cough, cough) might stop in to see David and give him a great send off! 
Jam session perhaps?
Friday is Bill V and we all know how much fun he is. 7-10
Saturday is Charli! From 7-10
We’re looking forward to a fun week at LDV! Our regular customers are starting to come home and we couldn’t be happier to see them
Only at Venice’s Favorite Wine Bar

This specialty wine & beer lounge is located at
217 W. Miami Ave, nestled in the
center of Old Historic Venice.
Escape for a taste of the Sweet Life at La Dolce Vita.

Live life…sweetly!