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There was a time when such places were countless and inescapable in New York, when Times Square was a panorama of sex and grime. Now there are fewer than a dozen here, surviving relics of sweeping zoning changes and of pornographys migration to the Internet. And for those that still exist, like the Playpen on Eighth Avenue, Foro de Historia Militar el Gran Capitán Ver Tema - Un día como hoy 43rd and 44th Streets, even fewer offer the rarest of spectacles: the live peep show.

The six booths on the Playpens third floor do not seem that different from the stalls found at similar establishments, where a dollar or two provides fleeting access to a buffet of pornographic videos.

But the Playpens booths lead not to a screen, but Foro de Historia Militar el Gran Capitán Ver Tema - Un día como hoy a glassed-in view of a small room where a dancer like Anastasia awaits.

Two decades ago, when she first started performing in peep shows, Anastasia recalled how she would earn 600 on good days and 200 on slower ones, pulling in bills from all kinds of men: celebrities, doctors, teachers. These days, she said, if she makes 100 during a shift, she is happy.

Its kind of like a joke now, she said. Men come in now and theyre like, They still have this. The same could be said about the Playpen. In 1995, Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani began a campaign to close sex-oriented businesses, using zoning regulations to strictly limit adult establishments.

The regulations were loosened after court challenges in the late 1990s, and now any store with at least 60 percent non-X-rated merchandise is not technically considered an adult entertainment business. The zoning law change nonetheless succeeded in pushing adult businesses to industrial areas of the city.

Only 10, including the Playpen, remain in the Times Square district, according to the Times Square Alliance, a group that promotes business and economic development in the area. Inside the Playpen are aisles of every imaginable toy, movie and accessory. There are nearly 30 video-viewing booths offering thousands of choices for a rate of about 1 per minute; half are in the basement showing gay pornography and the Sexo Cuervo - fotos de las putas desnudas de chaves upstairs showing straight pornography.

Nine or 10 people work at the Playpen, handling the retail sales, minding the security cameras and cleaning out the booths after the customers leave. Then there are the women who work upstairs, about 20, and who are considered independent contractors. Those who agreed to be interviewed asked that their names not be used, because of the nature of their work and because they were not permitted by their supervisors to do so.

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